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Author VS3100 to Infoserver?

Posts: 15
Joined: 23.02.07
Posted on May 08 2010 20:21
Is it somehow possible to convert an old Vaxstation 3100 to a Infoserver?

I assume it's all firmware based right?

I don't really have a specific reason or need to do it, other than it would be nice to have one and I'm too cheap to buy one off of eBay.

I have been serving cds via Storage Expansion enclosures, but VMS is so bloody slow on the old box since it only has 12MB memory.

Back in the day, when I we had Infoservers at work they seemed so snappy.
Author RE: VS3100 to Infoserver?

Posts: 12
Joined: 31.03.10
Posted on June 01 2010 02:41
I have not tried, but I did read of someone who converted a MicroVAX 3100 Model 20 to an Infoserver 100 by swapping the ROM chips. You also need to set the default boot flags to D0000000 so that it will boot from SYSD. I think the other oddity was that the console ends up on the printer port rather than the console port.
I think the model 20 is the only one that can be converted to an infoserver.

I agree that infoservers (especially the Infoserver 1000) are very handy and whilst OpenVMS 8.2 onwards can serve LAD disks, if you want to support VXTs a real infoserver is still the only way smiley
Author RE: VS3100 to Infoserver?

User Avatar

Posts: 277
Location: UK
Joined: 24.02.06
Posted on June 02 2010 03:09
Why is a real infoserver needed for VXT instead of the software infoserver now available for VMS?
Author RE: VS3100 to Infoserver?

Posts: 12
Joined: 31.03.10
Posted on June 02 2010 12:39
I believe HP decided not to implement the particular functions required by VXTs for remote pagefile or the VXTLDR mechanism etc. It is not suprising as VXTs have not been manufactured for nearly 15 years and I guess they decided no-one would still be using them. I do know a few people at work however that refuse to let them go smiley

It is possible to load them in 'host-based' mode from a modern VMS system using LANCP or DECnet, but you don't get the nice workgroup/centralised management features of the 'infoserver-based' mode and the VXT must have at least 12MB memory.
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ES45 quad-CPU, 8GB, various IO cards available. Free to genuine hobbyists. Must collect. Bristol, UK. Call me if interested. www.xdelta.co.uk Cheers, Colin.

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